Mediate Theology Overview

 While affirming God's initiative in salvation, Mediate Theology recognizes God's demand for man's response as a condition of salvation. This view avoids compromising the doctrine of justification by faith alone.  It recognizes the essential place of the convicting work of the Holy Spirit wrought mediately.  It avoids the confusion of discipleship salvation.  It is the soundest way for the believer to experience the full assurance of security in Christ. 

In common with Calvinism, it holds to an essentially Augustinian view of the total depravity of man (properly defined), some limited or particular dimensions of the sacrifice of Christ, the substitutionary nature of Christ's death, and the eternal security of the truly born-again believer.

In common with Arminianism, it holds to some universal dimensions of the death of Christ (without becoming universalist), to conditional election, and to the rejection of the concept of irresistible grace. 

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