The Resultant Plan of salvation

  1. God has eternal plans for Christ, the cross, the church, and the kingdom.
  2. God foreknows those who will repent and believe the gospel.
  3. God chooses those who are joined to Christ by faith, based upon His  foreknowledge.
  4. The Spirit convicts sinners mediately through human instrumentality and  the word of God.
  5. Sinners are responsible and able to repent toward God and trust in Christ  for salvation.
  6. Justification and regeneration are conditioned upon repentant faith, which is not meritorious.
  7.  Outward conversion results from God's work of justification and         regeneration.
  8. The truly regenerate and justified believer's salvation is eternal and cannot       be lost.
  9. Sanctification and discipleship are the believer's responsibility by walking in the Spirit, and faithfulness will be rewarded in the kingdom

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