Forward by Jonathan Falwell

Senior Pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia

 To say that reading God’s Word is vital to the life and growth of the believer is one of the great understatements of all time. The Bible is as important to the life of a Christ follower as air is to the lungs and as water is to the body. Yet, so many neglect taking the time to read and study God’s Word. As a result, the church is full of Christians who are not achieving their greatest potential for the Kingdom because of Biblical illiteracy and doctrinal bankruptcy. There are many reasons why people neglect the Word. Some excuses are as simple as “I forget” or “I don’t have time.” Some are more significant and challenging such as “I don’t understand it” or “how can I know that it is actually God’s Word?” All of these reasons, or excuses, will lead to powerless Christian life and we must do everything in our power to bring people to the realization they need God’s Word in their lives daily. As a pastor, one of my primary responsibilities and passions is to lead people to fall in love with God’s Word. I greatly desire to help people comprehend what we read in Hebrews 4:12 that God’s Word is “living and powerful.” It is unlike any book one could ever read. It will change lives in ways not thought possible. I have spent over twenty years in full time ministry doing my best to bring people into that type of relationship with the Word of God. Now, my friend C. Gordon Olson, has given a great gift to the church, and all of humanity. After many years of dedicated research and deep theological study, he has published The Resurrection New Testament. This enhanced translation of God’s Holy Word is readable yet accurate and trustworthy. Dr. Olson has painstakingly assured that every verse, every statement, within this translation delivers the truth as intended from God’s heart to man’s. I believe, as Dr. Olson does, that the Bible is infallible, inerrant, and inspired. We believe that there is not one mistake within the pages of Scripture and that it is critical to the continued growth of the believer. This translation will help every Christ follower, regardless of how long they have been a Christian, to take their faith deeper than ever before. As you read chapter by chapter, verse by verse, the Scriptures will come alive and help broaden your understanding of God’s love for you. The Resurrection New Testament, through its easy to read text, will deliver God’s Word accurately, powerfully, and clearly. I am genuinely excited about the impact this translation will have on the church. I look forward to placing these in the hands of new Christians, as well as those who have followed Christ for decades. I know it will make a lasting impact on the Kingdom and will make an indelible mark on every believer who makes the effort to read God’s Word. Thank you Dr. Olson for this gift to the mission of reaching the world for Christ.