12 Supporting Propositions

The Mediate Theology view is supported by 12 key propositions

  1.  God limited the exercise of His sovereignty by creating moral  beings and delegating authority to them.
  2. Since the fall did not erase God’s image, depravity does not mean total inability to respond to God’s salvation message.
  3. Although Christ’s death is particularly effective for individual believers, it is potentially available to all humanity.
  4. The conviction of the Spirit mediately prepares sinners for faith.
  5. God’s calling to salvation is not irresistible.
  6. The new birth is conditioned on repentant faith.
  7. Repentant faith is the only condition for salvation.
  8. Right standing and new birth are conditioned on repentant faith alone, apart from works.
  9. Election/ foreordination are based upon foreknowledge.
  10. True believers are eternally secure in Christ.
  11. Christ’s discipleship teachings are a challenge to believers, not the way of salvation.
  12. Christ charged us to proclaim salvation on God’s terms.

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